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About Us

Sandhu Cake Co


Hello Everyone and welcome to Sandhu Cake Co.! Meet our family, Jasneet is the oldest, she loves to do our signature number cakes, fondant work, and decorate cakes. Ashleen is the second oldest she frosts the cakes and decorates them to perfection. Taveena is the third oldest, she is our fondant specialist! Lastly, we have Taran who is the professional taste tester!


We started off in the kitchen doing little things with our mom and we then developed a passion for working together to bake. Baking has no boundaries and is an endless field we live to explore. We began our baking journey by making birthday cakes for our friends, cousins, and now hopefully you. Although, we know our family did not appreciate the extra pounds they gained because of us! We have now turned our passion into an at-home bakery!

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